Young People in Tanzania – a summary Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet - Youth in TanzaniaA young population for a developing country is regarded by demographers as a an economic positive. A phenomena called “demographic dividend” is attributed to economic transformation of countries when they are able to utilize their youth boom. Examples of where this has been seen is in the case of the Asian Tigers.

Tanzania and the African continent is in a similar position today. With the largest youth population in the world in modern history, Tanzania is poised to yield significant dividends. This will however only happen if the right policies and investments are in place.

This fact sheet attempts to summarize primary data on young people in Tanzania. We hope to develop more information products in future.

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  2. Lumumba Sembuli J. August 9, 2016 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    The problem that do faces us African countries is that we do not devote our time, resources and strategies to empower youth on participating fully in economic and productive activities. The worse of all is that, even with all the hardship that we do faces right but we sell the education to our community and make it an optional thing, the BIG QUESTION here is how are we expecting to develope our and redeem our selves from all our long lived burdens such as illeteracy, diseases, poverty, ill profession, ill technology, drought, farmine and hunger and all other problems if we do not highly invest in EDUCATION. The only and first stratergy for our way out Africans is EDUCATING OUR KIN`S as a primary stratergy that will automatically form all other needed stratergies in future.

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