United Nation Celebrates 71 years – with actions to help achieve the SDG’s


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The  24 October nation around the world were celebrate the birthday of the United Nation and its global mission of peace, sustainable development and human rights which has existed since 1945. This day is a recommended public holiday for every member states of the UN and this year the celebration specializes in emphasizing the “concrete actions people can take to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”

The venue kicks of with a highly formal military ceremony held by the Military.

And follows by the arrival of The Honorable guest Amb. Dr. Augustine Mahiga, Minister for foreign affairs and east African corporations. The audience were standing with their back straight and hands down as he walked down the red carpet in his black suit, greeting the following heads of the UN agencies;The World Bank IMF and the Chairperson of UNA Tanzania. of course he also greeted others however they were not seated next to him in the high table.

This year’s UN Day underline the “concrete actions people can take in order to help achieve the SDG’s. As the UN Flag rises the first speaker from the heads of UN agency  Secretary General Reynald Maeda from United Nations Association of Tanzania, is getting ready for his opening speech about the role of civil organisation and emphasise  his tone on the role of the youth.

“The role of youth in the local implementation of these global, regional and national sustainable development plans cannot be ignored. I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is that, the youth needs to be engaged at all levels, from the grass root planing to national level implementation “said Reynad Maede looking seriously into the eyes of ladies and gentlemen

He finishes his speech by a demand: “I have a message from 70 % of the population; we need a seat at the table! he concludes before he thanks and returning to the main table


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