UNAT participated in the Urban Resilience Tanzania Conference 2019 (URTZ 2019)

DATE: 2nd – 3rd OCTOBER, 2019

Tanzania is experiencing rapid and unplanned urbanization, contributing to an increase in economic and social vulnerability to climate-related risks. In 2016, the Tanzania Urban Resilience Programme (TURP) was established to mitigate these risks through coordinated and strategic action. The programme is specifically working to improve risk identification, risk reduction, and emergency preparedness. It is led by the Government of Tanzania with implementation support from the World Bank, and funding from the UK Department for International Development.

As the program now has reached its midpoint in implementation, the conference worked as a forum where research, results and the current mode of programme implementation was presented to the public. The programme is now focusing on two key priorities; (1) Climate smart infrastructure and planning, and (2) Innovation and education for resilient cities in Tanzania.

The conference included two days of panel discussions and workshops about sustainable solutions for resilient urbanization in Tanzania, which is connected to SDG’s 1, 6, 11, 13, 14 and 15. The conference also worked as the official opening of an art exhibition which will be showcased these next couple of months at the National Museum. The art showcased in the exhibition was done by local artists and made completely out of the trash that was collected during World Clean Up Day 2019, which UNAT participated in. The exhibition highlighted the connection between solid waste and flooding in Dar es Salaam. It displayed information about the issue of plastic and offered concrete recommendations on how to recycle different materials, and how to reduce one’s waste output.

The conference turned out to be a great networking opportunity and representatives from UNAT discussed activities and issues concerning goals 1, 6, 11, 13, 14 and 15 with representatives from the World Bank, Nipe Fagio, and REPOA, among others.

Photo taken during a panel discussion about climate smart infrastructure in Tanzania with representatives from Dar es Salaam City Council, ICLEI, GARID Ghana and City Resilience Program (World Bank).

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