UNA Tanzania meets TAMISEMI policy makers

Youth in Tanzania struggle to win and survive in economy since there is a high rate of unemployment. Following the need to help young people strive for their economic well-being, Local Government  Authorities ( LGA’s)  were assigned to give 10% loans, 4 – 4 – 2 (Youth, Women and People with disabilities respectively) to boost business ideas  and  empower young people to work on their economic strategies.

UNA Tanzania has proved to be on top of this initiative by giving awareness to young people concerning the loans, but also following up closely on the implementation in the LGA’s.

This Month, UNA Tanzania has followed up closely with the TAMISEMI policy makers, on how best youth are able to benefit from the loans, success, progress and challenges that youth face with the 4% but most importantly way forward to collaborate to better actions.

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About the Author : UNA Tanzania

The United Nations Association (UNA) of Tanzania was registered in 1964. Our work is devoted entirely to the support of the "purposes and principles of the United Nations” in Tanzania and across the world.

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