UNA Tanzania conducted a successful Focus Group Discussion involving 46 Youths
participants from different fields and academic backgrounds to analyze in depth the situation
of the state of youths in Tanzania on the social, political and economic sectors with major
focus on their participation in the Decision making process , Health, Education, and Employment
Situation in the country.

Tanzania being home to one of the largest youth populations ranking 10 th in the world, this
generation brings with it an abundance of raw potential, and the opportunity to cultivate their
abilities as a vital socio-economic development resource.

Burdened by four major challenges in life which include Staying Healthy, Access to quality
Education, achieving Sustainable Income and Participation by engaging Youth in the Decision
making Process as well as policy formulation . However increased understanding of issues
facing youths in the social, political and economic sector involves mobilizing youth of diverse
backgrounds to discuss, analyze and come up with clear solutions and resolutions to bring about
the necessary change they need themselves.

From a Youth perspective a vast number of challenges impede access to quality education to
name a few it was noted that the educational system is centered on theoretical knowledge
rather than practical knowledge, lack of Academic freedom in choosing courses to be
undertaken at the university level , Inequalities due to financial contrainst that affect access
quality education as well as access to educational recourses .

In the Health sector lack of friendly and reproductive health care services, limited access to
affordable Youth health insurance services, and poor health care services and facilities have
resulted in Unsafe practices such as self – induced abortions , Increase in non-communicable
diseases, high prevalence in the abuse of drugs an narcotics and chemically induced body
enhancements to say the least.

An impediment to sustainable income facing youth in the employment sector include limited
information to access employment opportunities, corruption and nepotism in the career market,
technolgical advancments replacing need for man labour and limited capacity building and
trainings to impove entrepreneurship and skill aqusition to enable youth fairly compete in the
Career world.

Participation in Policy fomulation and in the decision making process being key to improving the
youth situation , it is saddle by a number of challenges such as ignorance or lack of
sensitization of Youths to participate in decision making process an non-chalant attitudes toward
meetings, poor government support to youth involvment in policy formulation and slow
implemtations when formulated and lack of freedom of speech among Youth in voicing out

However with a more than ever determined generation of Young achievers opportunities to
improve in the near future is attainable if certain structures are put in place such as the creation
of Youth parliamentarians Unions , Youth awareness on Youth rights , advancement of science
and technology through Increased investment in education, Private and Government partnership
for increased investment in the health sector and Industrialization policy to enhanced the job
market, increased Vocational Education and Infrastructural development which would leads to
an increase in the Youth labor force and ultimately growth of the National economy therefore
improving the Youth Situation in Tanzania.

To actively improve the Youth situation in Tanzania ,effective utilization of resources should be
managed efficiently, creation of youth platforms to enhance trainings on the different sectors
mentioned is paramount coupled with increased Government investment in youths affairs,
Medication should be subsidized and made available to meet the need of the youths and a
comprehensive review of the education policy and system to meet the demand of the national
development plan.

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