Right(s) Way Forward, Mkoani District, Pemba

City Council Representatives Trained on SDGs, Human Rights and Gender Equality This training workshop marks the second phase of the Right(s) Way Forward (RWF) Project conducted in Mkoani District, Pemba. The workshop was officiated by the Director of the Mkoani City Council, Mr. Rashid Abdallah Rashid and included members of the Mkoani City Council, representatives […]

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Maasai Community in Loliondo gain video skills to tell their story

Through a partnership with UNA Finland, UNA Tanzania conducted a training on participatory video in Loliondo involving the Maasai community. The training was provided by participatory video specialists InsightShare. The idea behind the training was to give the Maasai community, as an indigenous people, the skills to tell their own story. The training was a build-up […]

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Statement on the 69th Anniversary of the United Nations by UNA Tanzania Chairperson

This is a statement by the United Nations Association of Tanzania Chairperson, Reginald Munisi, on the occasion of the 69th Anniversary of the United Nations, which was delivered by the Vice Chairperson, Benedict Kikove, at the Karimjee Grounds on 24th October 2014. Speech of the United Nations Association of Tanzania on the Occasion of the […]

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Press Release; 25 Tanzania CSOs Preparing CEDAW Shadow Report

June 13, 2014 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania The United Nations Association (UNA) of Tanzania is leading a process with 25 other local civil society organizations (CSOs) to prepare a shadow report on the Convention on Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). CEDAW is an international agreement where countries have agreed to end all […]

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Shinyanga UNA Branch rallies for the Chibok Girls during National Education Week commemorations

The United Nations Association of Tanzania’s Shinyanga Branch in collaboration with Anna Schubert Mackeja Kwofie (ASMK) Foundation marched for the Chibok girls of Nigeria and for girls in Shinyanga region during the ‘National Education Week’ celebrations. Hon. Annarose Nyamubi, Shinyanga District Commissioner (in bright blue), together with Rev. Jack Grubbs from Potomac Falls,Virginia USA joined […]

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The Second Draft Constitution and Right to Vote in Tanzania

The right to vote or enfranchising, simply put, means the freedom of people to choose their political leaders through free and fair elections. The right to vote is a political right, but also a fundamental human right, guaranteeing peoples’ participation in governance by giving them the power to decide who will take political office. The […]

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How are Human Rights issues covered in the second draft constitution in Tanzania?

The constitution development process in Tanzania has entered its next phase, with the constitutional assembly in progress. The phase started by the releasing the second draft of the new constitution, which now includes views from different stakeholders and citizens obtained during national consultations held countrywide till late July in 2013. Civil Society Organizations – through […]

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