Right(s) Way Forward, Kengeja district, Pemba

Pemba Women Undergo Entrepreneurship Training

In recent years, the island of Pemba has faced serious climate changes, much due to unsustainable business practices and industries such as deforestation and sand extraction. The need to transform onto more sustainable industries has never been greater. Through the Right(s) Way Forward project, UNA Tanzania coached women in the community of Kengeja, Pemba to be the change that their community is aching for, by being trained in entrepreneurship skills.

In the three days of the training the thirty participants learned about self-awareness, financial literacy, entrepreneurial and leadership skills as well as received insight on the practices of entrepreneurial women through a field trip to local farms and businesses.

The objective was to strengthen women’s skills on how to conduct sustainable businesses. These small enterprises involve bee keeping, soap manufacturing, tailoring, making sitting mates, vegetables plantation, oil and nuts producing and porridge selling. Not only do the thirty participants gain crucial skills, they also become community facilitators and formed saving group, so they can further spread the knowledge in their community.

Although the outcome of the training was positive some challenges remain. As many women stated that they did not have the capital to start a business, the Kengeja entrepreneurs need therefore to be matched with financial institutions to expand their business capital.

Many women also experience challenges in initiating businesses due to religious and cultural beliefs. Therefore, it’s important to include local leaders in these trainings as well as conduct the trainings in the neighbouring villages.

The harsh reality and the devastating effects of climate change are not limited to the island of Pemba but in order to facilitate change on this global issue, people must engage and act in their own local communities. The Right(s) Way Forward project equips locals with the appropriate tools to gain agency in order to transform onto more sustainable industries.

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    Greatings my name is ibrahim ali me is the member of yuna znz youth of united nation association of zanzibar , in our organization we implement SDGs , we give education of interpreneurhip to the youth and other more issues

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