Right(s) Way Forward, Chake-Chake district, Pemba

Twelve (12) Community Facilitators trained on Advocacy Skills for Dialogue for Change

UNA Tanzania trained twelve community facilitators as part of implementing the community action plan through the Right(s) Way Forward Project (RWF) in Makonyo, Chake-Chake district, Pemba.  These community facilitators were previously trained on different concepts, such as sustainability, human rights and gender equality. The community facilitators group is of great importance to guarantee that the RWF process is moving forward, seeing that RWF is a community-based approach and community members participation is crucial.

The objective of this training was to equip the community facilitators with knowledge on how to actively participate in dialogues for change with their respective community leaders in order to foster the implementation of the community action plan.

The community facilitators had a task to analyse the Government structure of Zanzibar to understand who has influence in the advocating process.  Both Central and Local Government structures were discussed through group discussions and presentations during the training.

Furthermore, public policies such as health, water and agriculture were then presented with the purpose of finding common goals for the community action plan and these various national policies so to collectively achieve the intended goals.

The community facilitators discussed several platforms which can be used, in order to involve the community in decision-making processes. These included public meetings, voting, workshops and surveys with questionnaires.

The community facilitators were then taught about stakeholders at different levels in their society. Local, regional, national and international stakeholders were identified with the purpose of understanding how each one can contribute to the implementation of the action plan. A decision-making table was created to see which stakeholder should be approached depending on the issue on the table.

Additionally, the community facilitators were trained on how to present evidence-based arguments while using proper language when presenting their cases to stakeholders. Role plays were used to complement all stages of advocacy skills training.


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