UNA Tanzania participated in a gender coalition meeting which was held by Care International on May 23rd, 2017 with other stakeholders which include We World, Restless, Legal and Human Rights Centre, Habitat Forum, Swiss Aid, and Haki Elimu. The aim of the meeting was to establish a gender coalition, forming collective areas of focus, and to plan for a sustainability of the coalition.

The need of gender coalition was stimulated by the shrinking of CSO’s on gender issues and de-prioritized of women in the current government system where women have been given few leadership positions. However, other reasons for forming the coalition are due to the fact that the Ministry responsible has been focusing much on health issues rather than gender, and to have a common goal to all stakeholders when advocating for gender matters.

As part of forming collective areas of focus, participants recommended on several priorities areas taking into which include leadership, health, women economic rights (land rights, life skills, entrepreneurships, cooperatives), gender based violence, and educational rights. The areas of focus were set as a result of thoroughly discussion among the participants who had different comments and recommendations on the matter.

UNA Tanzania specifically proposed for women leadership right which goes in line with democracy and good governance through which women’s voice would be further strengthened and eventually can lead to women inclusion in leadership role and policy and decision making in Tanzania. Leadership rights can also help to achieve other women rights like health rights and educational rights.

As part of planned strategies, it was recommended that CSO’s should have a common goal while advocating for gender issues, capacity building training to raise awareness to the stakeholders on gender issues, lobbying the government through ministry of gender to start engaging with gender matters.

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  1. Advocate Walta Carlos May 1, 2018 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    This is wonderfull. Normally it sound good to work collectively because it strengthen the one voice for the common goals.
    I’m working with Women’s Promotion Centre(WPC) in Tanzania and we advocate for gender equality by various ways including women economic empowernment by EASE methodology.I’m a feminist lawyer and I wish our organization to be a part of this gender coalition so that we can raise our voice together towards promoting gender equality.

  2. Advocate Walta Carlos May 1, 2018 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    Good effort

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