UNA Tanzania Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016

The United Nations Association of Tanzania programming for 2013 throughout 2016 is informed by its strategy document drawn in 2013. Developing the strategy involved a number of consultations with members of the association and partners, and with the leadership of the Executive Committee, a three (3) year strategic plan was developed.

Our project and activities are rooted in four (4) focus areas of the strategic plan. These are; Millennium Development Goals; Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights; Peace and Security; and Organizational Development.

Sustainable Development

We are working to contribute towards creating an enabling environment for the effective advancement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Post 2015 Development Agenda. UNA Tanzania has been involved in MDGs Awareness for the past eight years and with the MDGs edging closer to expiration in 2015 (as well as MKUKUTA II and FYDP in Tanzania), this experience will help in contributing towards accelerating the achievement of the remaining milestones for Tanzania and taking stock of lessons in implementing the MDGs on how we can do better in the future through the expected SDGs as they are localized in our national development framework.

Democracy, Good Governance & Human Rights

Under this area, we are working to promote positive civic and media engagement in the electoral process and advocate for the inclusion and visibility of human rights in the development process and new constitution for Tanzania. Throughout its existence, UNA Tanzania has endeavored to contribute towards strengthening democracy, good governance and human rights; and the establishment of the Tanzania Human Rights Commission, promoting press freedom, conducting national media monitoring in 2000 and 2005 elections as well as civic voter education in 2010 elections have been key program successes for the organization.

Peace and Security

UNA Tanzania has been and continues to actively engage in the ICGLR (International Conference on the Great Lakes Regions) peace process. As such, this is a maintained program area where we aim to enhance youth and CSOs engagement in the process. Specifically, UNA Tanzania will be working towards establishment of the national Peace and Security Chapter for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region peace process; increased representation of marginalized voices – youth, women and children – in the process, and enhanced representation on and intervention against Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

Organizational Development

The main purpose under this is to strengthen capacity of the organization for effective implementation of its mandates and the entire strategic plan. UNA Tanzania will be focusing on its governance, management, human resources, finance, relationships and service delivery with the aim of strengthening systems, procedures, operations, cooperation and networking, increase accountability and transparency, as well as ensuring organizational sustainability.