The UNA Tanzania Organization Chart has three distinct levels. These are the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee and the Secretariat. Composition at each level is constituted by different processes.

The Annual General Meeting and the Extra Ordinary Annual General Meeting brings together members of the organization. This is the highest decision-making body of the association. Delegation to the AGM are made of of five (5) voting representatives of each official branch.

The Executive Committee is made up of 11 members. Nine (9) members are elected and two (2) are appointed officials. See the “UNA Board” page for more information. The committee is led by a Chairperson.

The Secretariat is led by the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General. They lead a team of Admin, Program and Support Staff. These are all appointed (employed) officials. On some occasions, this team also includes volunteers and interns.

The chart below provides a pictorial illustration. See the map description for more information on linkages.

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