My name is Deborah Kaluzi, Bachelor student at the Center for Foreign Relations pursing International Relations and Diplomacy. I am also among the first 50 Global Goals Champions in Tanzania, Youth of United Nations Association active member and the current Deputy Minister of Internal and External Affairs at my university.

I am currently doing my field placement at the UNA Tanzania offices and I am glad to say that it has indeed been an amazing experience so far. Programs and projects under UNA Tanzania go hand in hand with my field of study and the areas I am passionate about like Gender issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. I have learnt so much in a few weeks, as my main focus is on the communication and also participating in meetings, workshops, assisting in the report and article writing. The colleagues at the UNA Tanzania offices have been so welcoming and cooperative at all times.

I am determined to bring positive changes in my community andhappy to be among the UNA Tanzania team as an intern working towards accomplishing the organization’s main agenda and bringing people close to the United Nations.



Deborah J. Kaluzi


My name is LilianMmbaga 22 years old, currently a student at University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania pursuing B.A in Mass communication. I’m doing internship here at United Nations Association of Tanzania as an Organizational and Communication Officer. Apart from studying,I engage to Media outlets like Radio and Television where basically dealing with news reporting, hosting Radio programs and online uploads. I have been volunteering in photojournalism and being a videographer in different school events.

Also I like being involved in multiple projects like campaigns and advocating projects mostly for community development. Whenever I envision that I could be so close to UN, I cannot help feeling excited.

I hope this internship program will provide a defining experience like to serve as a bridge linking my academic training with the larger world where this training is to be applied. Also it will improve my ability to deal with complicated realities and to put theoretical knowledge to practical use as well as to see my strengths and limitations. Above all, I’m expecting that it will reinforce my determination to seek more advanced academic training basically in development studies so that I can become a truly high-achieving community development advocate that I have always wanted to be.




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