My name is Alexandra Axelsson and I am a 24-year-old student from Sweden. This spring I am doing an internship here at UNA Tanzania and I couldn’t be more excited.

Back in Sweden I am currently taking a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies with a major in Development studies. The focus of my program is closely related to the work of UNA Tanzania, concerning human rights and sustainable development. My internship at UNA will be a great experience that I hope will further educate me on these important issues, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint. I have a great interest in learning more about local civil society organisations and how they work, and this is the perfect place for it.

My first months here at UNA Tanzania have passed very quickly. I have gotten the warmest of welcomes from the lovely people at the office of UNA and it makes me sad to think that I will have to leave this place soon. So far my tasks have been various, ranging from participating in meetings and workshops, creating proposals for upcoming projects and writing reports and articles related to the issues and fields that they are engaged in here at UNA Tanzania. All and all I have been learning about their organization on a daily basis and participated in the great work that they are doing here.

This is my first time in Tanzania and I have to say, it’s not like any other country I’ve visited before. Dar es Salaam is a beautiful place with even more beautiful people who quickly made me feel at home here, especially my colleagues at the UNA office. Working here having such a great time being a part of the organisation has had me convinced, my first trip to Tanzania certainly wont be my last.

Kind Regards,

Alexandra Axelsson

Hello, my name is Helge and I am the new intern at UNA Tanzania. This is my first visit to Tanzania
and I am already amazed by how strong the community ties are here. Everybody is helping each other
out and I feel most welcome everywhere I go, not least at the UNA office.

Prior coming to Tanzania I have been volunteering for an online platform called focused around foreign
aid and the role of Sweden abroad. I have also been working with exchange students – both students
coming to Sweden and Swedish students going abroad. My academic background is interdisciplinary
with a bachelor’s in Development and International Cooperation’s and an on-going master in Global
Health at Uppsala University.

As previous interns here have already mentioned, time truly flies by and I can’t believe it is only a
month left of my internship. So far, my duties have been varied, which I enjoy. As my supervisor is the
Human Right/SDG program officer, my tasks have largely been related to his responsibilities. Among
other things, I have participated in the creation of an SDG training manual, put together project
proposals and provided UNA with educational material for the Right(s) Way Forward (RWF) project on

I addition, I have summarized the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and selected four “monitor
agents” (research assistants) for the African Monitor Citizen Report – a research project aiming to
obtain citizen generated data on the implementation of the SDGs in Tanzania. Other than that, me and
the other interns are eagerly participating in as many workshops and events regarding Agenda 2030
as possible; The Global day for Action, The UN day and the monthly Policy Forum breakfast debate
just to name a few.

I spend most of my time outside work either playing basketball or exploring the city of Dar es Salaam.
The proximity to the Indian Ocean is truly special as marine life and diving are big interests of mine. I
also had a chance to attend Kenya Nights – a cultural festival in Nairobi with artists such as Major
Lazor. It was epic.

To be in an environment where people from different religions, ethnical groups and social classes live
and prosper side by side is a sight of joy. Dar is terrific example of how good integration is showcased
and definitely somewhere I will return to in the future!

Helge Drebold
Intern UNA Tanzania

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