Gender-based violence takes many forms, including physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence, but from this workshop perspective, most of the victims faced physical, sexual and psychological violence.  The following two women explained the mentioned forms of GBV in their stories.


This woman was married at the age of seventeen (17) years after she was impregnated when she was just sixteen (16) years, and she had been in marriage for eighteen (18) years. She stated that she had been ruthlessly beaten by her husband in her marriage life and sometimes she even fainted.  She continued to explain that she was even forced to marry the later husband after her father accepted a bride price from him.

Sometimes her husband could beat her and take her to the hospital and told her to lie and say that she Anna went on to seek for divorce after years of sufferings and fear of death from her then husband. After some time, her husband decided to sell their house.

Currently, she has engaged in small business so that she can support her 3 children after the husband left her. The worst part is that she now has grandchildren from her two daughters in which her husband claimed that she was responsible for that.


She started relationship to her later husband when she was in primary school level, then she got pregnancy when she was nineteen (19) years.  She then decided to go and live with her man where she started to experience various sufferings including severely beatings, not given money for taking care of their child as a result she decided to leave her husband and started an illegal business of selling local alcohol.

Her husband decided to take the child soon after they split up and she has never seen her child ever since, despite the fact that she has been looking for the child.  After some years, she met another man who impregnated her for the second child but unfortunately her second man was a drug addicted person who eventually made her to start using drugs.


Gender based violence is considered to be the problem for only women and girls to the society while it goes further to men and boys. This was observed in this workshop where by the participants were confusing between gender based violence (GBV) and violence against women (VAW).

Gender based violence are issues which are in most cases not reported to the relevant authorities, as it was observed during the workshop that all women who explained their stories, never reported them before despite the fact that they needed help.

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