UNA Tanzania has conducted a collective workshop on climate change adaptation between community leaders and community members at Mkoani district, in Pemba. The workshop brought together several stakeholders including community members, Local Government leaders, Government officials, and the Media. The workshop participation approach considered gender equality in which it covered a total of fifty nine participants (59) with twenty nine (29) men and twenty six (26) women.

The main objective was to raise awareness on climate change which would invoke an impactful discussion on causes, effects and how the society can practice adaptation methods so as to correspond with the climate change, and possible recommendations for environmental protection in Pemba. Since climate change is a cross cutting issue, different community members were involved including farmers, fishermen, businessmen, workers, hunters, and the vulnerable group.

Essentially, the community is at large extent causing the climate change through several activities such as cutting down trees, burning forests for farming activities, industrial activities, and sand mining.

In discussing the challenges on climate change adaptation, participants said unsatisfactory partnership among stakeholders is hindering their involvement, on the other hand, the local leaders argued that low number of community members who participate in climate change adaptation meetings is another challenge. Collectively, the participants argued that there is inadequate number of government officials working on environmental issues, one Environmental officer has to manage thirty six (36) Shehia (Neighborhoods).

As part of the Government strategies in responding to the climate change, the Environmental officer said they have established experts committee on environmental issues which comprised representatives from Civil Society Organisations dealing with environment. However, the Government is implementing climate change adaptation projects, for example in Kisiwa Panza, Pemba, they constructe mud wall to prevent salt water intrusion into community farms.

UNA Tanzania Program Officer, Goodluck Willy, explaining about climate change adaptation in Pemba









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